Welcome to Hempbitz

Hello friends, and welcome to the Hemp Bitz website. My name is Korbyn, and I was about 16 years old when I first heard about hemp paper. I discovered that one of the most important documents in American history was penned on hemp paper: the Declaration of Independence. Ever since that day I have learned much about how hemp can be used in our day to day lives.

I simply want to share my passion for this incredible plant for its industrial use. Before I continue, I want to point out something very important. Industrial hemp can’t get you high, but it can get you healthy! While hemp may look like a Marijuana plant, it’s actually a little different. Similar to the saying “all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares“, all marijuana is hemp, but not all hemp is marijuana.

I want to share my knowledge with you.

The hemp industry in the United States has a great demand but a low supply due to some legal confusion with its smoke cultured counterpart. This has made it difficult to find the hemp products for you. I want to make Hemp Home your easy to use database for all your industrial hemp needs.

A Story About my Brother

My younger brother was a tennis player with an incredible serve. He was on the cusp of getting his pro card when he discovered that he had stage 2 bone cancer in his leg. After going through an incredibly difficult recovery my brother dedicated himself to learning about his health, and how to reduce the chance that the cancer would return. One key player in his improving health is natural hemp based products. Today, my brother lives a healthy life in Switzerland.

Helping the Environment

Do you like super fresh produce?

Hemp is known to remove the toxins from the soil, and allow for an even better harvest for other crops! It’s also a great way to help clean up the soil for new crops after natural disasters like hurricanes.

Want to save trees and the animals who live in them?

Hemp can be made into paper, and can make more paper in the same amount of time as paper from trees. As a bonus, hemp paper requires no chemicals to make. Hemp paper not only saves trees but also slows global warming because of its clean manufacturing process.

Worried about emissions?

Hemp can be made into a bio-fuel by the process of transesterification. The fuel produces fewer emissions than many other plants used as bio-fuel. However, this may not be viable until hemp can be grown across the USA.

Global warming got you down?

Hemp filters more C02 as it grows than many other plants, making it a great way to fight emissions.

As you can see, supporting growers of hemp by buying hemp based products is a great way to help the environment!

I Want to Improve Your Health

Every product that you find on our website will be one that I have taken the time to try, and use myself. I pride myself on living a healthy life, and I hope that I am able to share the things I used to make that possible while also helping the environment. Having a healthy environment means better health for everyone!

Take a look around, and if you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to help you out!

From me to you,

Founder of Hemp Home