Some History of Hemp Rope

Quick Story

KABOOM!!! Your left engine has just exploded! You look to your left wing and see fire and smoke coming from the blackened hunk of metal that used to be your engine. Your plane starts to spiral toward the ground. It takes all your willpower, but you manage to hold down your breakfast. You react quickly though, and pull the emergency eject control. You launch out of the plane and begin to fall. The sounds of bullets, planes, and gunfire fill the surrounding air. Opening the chute now would be suicide, you know you’re going to have to time it so you open lower to the ground. You go into a dive feeling the rush of win on your face. It’s time, you think to yourself as you pull the cord to the parachute. The sudden jerk of the parachute almost gives you whiplash, and it deploys. You’ve made it to the ground.

This story is one that actually happened to WW2 pilots. Those pilots are glad that the rope in their parachutes were made with the strongest natural fiber known to man, hemp. Hemp rope was also used by the US Navy, and Army as well.


These days, hemp rope is used for all sorts of things. The large ropes used to hold boats to the dock are often made with hemp rope, to ensure they can hold the extra weight. Skydivers and mountain climbers also get plenty of use from hemp rope, as having durable rope is important for survival! People all around the world use hemp rope to make more durable jewelry that still has that braided look to it. I love having some hemp rope around to play with when I’m feeling creative! While rope isn’t used as often today as it was in WW2, it still provides one of the strongest options on the market, in everything from twine to rock climbing rope.

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