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What is CBD?

Simply put, CBD is one of the oil like substances produced by both hemp and weed. Just because it’s in weed doesn’t mean that it will get you high though.

To tell you the truth, it’s not supposed to get you high at all. CBD has gained a lot of popularity for its body regulating effects, and is now being used as a medicine for many reasons. There are even people who use CBD for their pets.

It’s important to note that CBD oil and hemp oil are different things. Hemp oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant, while CBD oil comes from the flower. CBD oil doesn’t have near as many uses as hemp seed oil, but it does have some effects that hemp oil cannot replicate.

What does CBD help?

Chronic pain

CBD is most commonly used for chronic pain. This is great news for people who have back problems, migraines, and even sore muscles before a work out. I’m going to try using CBD before my workouts to see if I notice any change. I’ll post my updates after the results come in. Occasionally I get migraines, so I’ll be trying that as well.


There is a side effect to CBD, and that is a relaxation in your body. If you spend too much time in one place, you might start feeling sleepy. This, however can also be a good thing if you’re trying to get to sleep!

Hangovers and Withdrawals

Because of CBD’s ability to regulate the body, there are many claims that it can help get rid of that nasty hangover. This doesn’t mean you should binge drink, though. CBD is unique because it goes a step further.

From what I’ve heard, it can actually help you to get over all kinds of withdrawals. When your body stops a habit, there is always some form of resistance when you try to stop, even when that habit is bad. Many people trying to stop smoking cigarets experience an upset stomach, or worse. CBD can help to lessen the symptoms of withdrawal, and get your body to a more regulated state.


CBD has been noted to help people with various types of anxiety. This is surprising to some people because the part of weed that gets you high (THC) increases social anxiety disorder. The good news is that CBD is different despite its THC counterpart CBD can help to combat mild to severe anxiety, and is often used by veterans to help with PTSD.

Where can I get some?

I ordered some CBD from my website http://www.korbyn.MyCTFOCBD.com

I have heard good things about the CBD they provide, but I am staying away from the MLM side of things until I am sure the product works. I signed up simply so that I would have the discount for everyone if the product works.

There are many uses to CBD, but it’s not always clear how much CBD to use or how to use it for different things. I will be trying CBD primarily as a sleep aid, and will be adding it into my cooking. If anyone uses CBD for other reasons email me at korbyn@hempbitz.com, or comment below. I would love to hear about your experiences with it.

My plan

I actually haven’t tried CBD, so I’m excited to be testing it out! I’ll be doing tests on one use of CBD at a time, as I don’t want other tests to overlap and cause bad results. Naturally I’ll share the results. I invite you to join me in trying CBD, and unraveling the best uses of this up and coming oil.

6 thoughts on “CBD Oil – The Talk of the Hemp Community

  1. Seems like a well thought out plan to test this product. Keep us posted since this looks like it could take awhile. I don’t recommend getting a hangover to test that part though.

  2. Great post and I look forward to reading your thoughts on how CBD helps with migraines.

    Do you think it matters much how the CBD is processed? I have read so many blog posts lately about different formulations, so I am wondering what you might recommend.

    1. From what I’ve heard from a friend of mine who has his PHD in chemistry, the less imperfections and outside contaminants during the extraction process, the better. One of the reasons I chose the CBD that I did was because they took the time to get it lab tested for imperfections before approving it for consumption. I plan on doing tests myself to ensure the lab is correct.

      According to my friend, a lack of potency would be the most noticeable effect to different formulations. Other side effects would be long term, but CBD has not been studied for long enough to document the long term side effects of using less pure CBD oils. There have been smoke shops that lace their CBD with spice to make it give a high, but if you buy directly from a verified online source, that shouldn’t be something you run into.

  3. My friend drinks too much and he wanted to find a solution to hangovers. He is a heavy drinker. How much should he consume it?

    1. CBD, just like anything else, will require your friend to try different amounts. Depending on your friend’s body type he may need a larger or smaller dosage. CBD is known for having very few side effects, so he can try different dosages and determine what’s right for him. I’m about 165 pounds, and I’m trying 20 drops of the 300Mg throughout my food at diner. I’ll let you know how the results are!

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